Assistant Director of Health Services

Monday February 17


Saint Meinrad Archabbey is seeking a full-time Assistant Director to assist the Director with daily operations of the health clinic, infirmary, and wellness.

The health clinic and infirmary provide care to the Archabbey community, including primary care to monks and students, and acute and chronic care to co-workers and their dependents, retirees and guests.

The Assistant Director will coordinate and supervise daily care of infirmary residents, including administering clerical procedures and training infirmary staff. The standard schedule is day shift, M-F; however, occasional weekend/holiday coverage is required. Must be available on-call, on a rotating schedule.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities

Health Service

  • Assist in providing patient care services, which includes medical histories, physical exams, treatment of common injuries, initial emergency care, treatment of acute ambulatory and chronic illnesses, performance of basic medical procedures and treatments, providing patient education and counseling, referrals to physicians and other health care providers, and the dispensing of prescription drugs as directed by the physician.
  • Document all pertinent patient information accurately and in a timely manner.
  • Refer patients for services not provided by the Health Service.
  • Assure adequate medical records are maintained.
  • Oversee lab equipment for required controls and calibrating.
  • Perform appropriate lab studies.
  • Splinting of broken bones or sprained ligaments/cartilage prior to physician’s care.
  • Administer EKGs and audiometries.
  • Maintain current license and continuing education requirements.
  • Clean, stock, and store equipment, supplies, and medications.
  • Evaluate laboratory and radiology results. Communicate to patient and physician.
  • Evaluate the quality and appropriateness of medical records and nursing care.
  • Obtain prior insurance authorizations and manage out-of-network referrals.

Monastery Infirmary

  • Supervise and assist in the nursing care of all infirmary residents using established nursing procedure in conjunction with physician orders, including: daily personal hygiene, restorative and rehabilitative care, technical procedures, such as delivery of intravenous fluids, administration of medications in all forms.
  • Nursing on call 24/7 after office hours on rotating schedule.
  • Establish and coordinate the staffing schedule.
  • Document and maintain accurate resident records.
  • Arrange for regular patient rounds by a physician.
  • Evaluate the quality and appropriateness of nursing care.
  • Clean, stock, and store equipment, supplies, and medications.
  • Plan and direct staff development programs.
  • Interview, hire, train, evaluate, and dismiss staff.
  • Plan and coordinate staffing schedule.
  • Establish and coordinate activities for Infirmary residents and other senior monks.
  • Admit and discharge Infirmary patients.
  • Coordinate cleaning of infirmary.
  • Evaluate patient conditions and medications.
  • Assess and assist all patient walk-ins to the Infirmary.
  • Follow up and assist all monastery residents.
  • Pedicures for diabetic and circulation-impaired residents of the monastery. 

Wellness Program

Support wellness coordinator:

  • Assist the injured or ill or those wishing to maintain a healthy lifestyle specific for the existing culture.
  • Assist in planning wellness programs for monks, students, co-workers, and spouses on the health plan.
  • Assist with the health screening and evaluation of results.
  • Speak publicly and present wellness programs.
  • Participate in ongoing wellness education.
  • Ongoing evaluation of disease and illness for the monks, students, co-workers and spouses on the health plan.
  • Wellness and health coaching.

Experience & Qualifications

Qualifications include a BS in nursing and 3-5 years of nursing experience, including experience in supervision and geriatric nursing. Requires basic computer skills (knowledge of Microsoft Office programs).

Saint Meinrad Archabbey offers a competitive salary and benefits package.

Application Instructions

Applications may be completed online or in the Human Resources Department, just south of the Archabbey Gift Shop (M-F 7 a.m.-3 p.m.). Resumes may be emailed to or faxed to 812-357-8262. Mailing address: Saint Meinrad Archabbey, Human Resources Dept., 200 Hill Drive, St. Meinrad, IN 47577.